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Painting Course in Florence, Italy

painting classes in italy The painting course will enable you to dominate a wide array of techniques that enable you to express yourself artistically on canvas. This course is designed for aspiring or professional artists looking for new methods or searching for a deeper awareness of creative processes involved in artistry. The course is offered for people with all levels of knowledge, ranging from beginner to advanced.

In the painting course students will benefit from the highly qualified and professional teachers who focus on the style and creative processes of each student individually.

In this course you will learn and develop on the following topics:

Creating effects of space and light, contrasting colors, whole-field color relations, color mixing, the tonal dimension, analysis of color in nature, induced color - the role of the picture surface and pictorial dynamics.

Drawing skills
Using the correct tools to achieve your goal - explore the freeing possibilities of drawing whatever you feel like drawing.

Personal creativity
Searching your desires and allowing yourself to think outside of cultural paradigms and common-sense.

Paintings following the first lessons are done with either or acrylic, and the student confronts and solves problems of color, composition, value, intensity, and pictorial dynamics. Group and individual critiques are part of the Painting Lessons.

The lessons involve visits to the Florentine Galleries and discussion on each student's perspective of the painting as well as a study of the "means and ends" of creating that specific artwork.

Beginner Painting Course

  • Variations of visual;
  • Technical and conceptual aspects;
  • Theme and purpose of a painting;
  • Heighten the student's perceptual skills;
  • Conception, technique and creativity;

Intermediate Painting Course

  • "Glazing" technique;
  • Difference between monochrome tonal painting and "grisaille";
  • Practical treatment of color theory;
  • Palette and color correspondence;
  • Relation between concept, image and technique;
  • Analysis of technique and subjective perception.

Advanced Painting Course

  • Create art works that express your subjectivity and your perception of situations and surroundings;
  • Integrating composition, spatial development, drawing, color mixing, etc;
  • Historical development of painting as a social, cultural and educational result;
  • Different historical systems of perception of value for painting;
  • Master the different techniques of painting to create an image;
  • Discuss matters related to contemporary painting.

Students will develop works using a subjective sense of their surroundings in the city of Florence, using their own levels of sensitivity and observation of differences as sources of pictorial examination. Desires and senses will exceed intellect. The AEF offers the opportunity to improve your painting abilities through our specialized painting lessons in Florence.

Although the Painting Course can be taken alone, other students usually have chosen to combine the Italian language Courses and the Painting Course and that's why we've created the Intensive Art Courses (Italian + Art).

For more information about this course please contact us.

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