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Watercolor Course in Florence, Italy

After having studied the basic notions of color theory and the techniques of form and content, transparency and opacity through the "language" of figurative painting, the students will start painting on paper.

Some classes can be held outside the classroom, taking inspiration in surrounding environment, using the landscapes of the squares, streets, monuments and hillsides of Florence. Visits to museums and art exhibits considered relevant to the learning goals of the course may also be arranged.

The techniques will be taught gradually with a practical methodology. In each class, students will practice and apply a wide variety of skills in different tasks established by the teacher. The goal of the watercolor course is to improve or perfect the skills they need in order to pursue this medium independently.

The AEF teachers are all highly qualified and active artists in the Florentine art scene. Visits to famous exhibits should also take place during the course.

Course Topics:

  • Basic materials;
  • Mixing paint;
  • Brushwork skills;
  • Application of brushwork skills to a painting project.

Working with Color
  • Color Wheel;
  • Basic Color Theory;
  • Mixing colors;
  • Painting with a limited palette;
  • Application of color theory to a painting project;

Basic Techniques
  • Flat Wash;
  • Graded Wash;
  • Wet-in-Wet;
  • Dry Brush;
  • Application of basic techniques to a painting project;
  • Value Scale;
  • Value Sketch;
  • Monochromatic painting;

Whites & Lights
  • Techniques for saving whites;
  • Techniques for regaining lights;
  • Techniques for adding lights;
  • Application of above theory to a painting project;

Other Essential Topics
  • Composition;
  • Positive & Negative Shapes;
  • Creating Textures;
  • Fixing and changing unwanted results;

Although the Watercolor Course can be taken alone, other students usually have chosen to combine the Italian language Courses and the Watercolor Course and that's why we've created the Intensive Art Courses (Italian + Art).

For more information about this course please contact us.

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  • 1 lesson: 45 minutes;
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Art course in Tuscany

Art course in Tuscany

Study Watercolor in Florence

Study Watercolor in Florence

Watercolor Lessons in Florence

Watercolor Lessons in Florence

Watercolor Course in Italy

Watercolor Course in Italy

Study Watercolor in Tuscany

Study Watercolor in Tuscany

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