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Italian Culture

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Art History
Study art history in Florence, Italy! The professor will trace an historic profile of Italian art, placing particular importance on the Florentine Renaissance...

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Art History Course

History of Italian Cinema
Study history of Italian cinema in our school! During the aftermath World War II, Italian cinema underwent an evolution with new ideas, original themes, and the advent of international cinema's greatest film-makers...

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History of Italian Cinema Course

History of Italian Theater
Learn the history of Italian Theater in Florence, Italy! A large part of Italy's most authentic regional culture is expressed in theater, such as the tradition of the Commedia dell'Arte...

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History of Italian Theater Course

History of Literature
Study history of literature in Florence, Italy! The panorama of Italian Literature is extremely vast, yet it is possible to trace a few steps that can aid in understanding its meaning and following its most interesting and innovative themes...

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History of Literature Course

History of Contemporary Italy
Learn the history of contemporary Italy in our school! This course reviews the social and political history of Italy in the second half of the 20th century...

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History of Contemporary Italy Course

Short Courses
Study art history in Florence! Accademia Europea di Firenze organizes short courses in Art History for students who are in Florence for only a short period of time, but who wish to take advantage of the city's rich artistic patrimony...

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Italian Culture Short Courses

Scuola di Italiano a Firenze. Studiare l'Italiano con Accademia Europea di Firenze Cours de langue italienne Italienischkurse Florenz Ryugakuitalia Curso de italiano Florencia Aprender italiano em Florença Italian language school in Italy Italian in Florence
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Culture Course in Florence

Culture Course in Florence

Study the Italian Culture

Study the Italian Culture

Culture Lessons in Tuscany

Culture Lessons in Tuscany

Culture courses in Italy

Culture courses in Italy

Study Italian Culture in Italy

Study Italian Culture in Italy

Study Italian Culture in Florence

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