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Course Levels

Basic Level

The Basic level is designed for absolute beginners who want to learn the Italian language, and presents the fundamentals of grammatical structures and communication: giving descriptions, presenting yourself in formal and informal manners, expressing future projects and the use of vocabulary relative to common everyday situations (home, school, hotel, airport, shops).
  • The study of the articles;
  • Nouns;
  • Adjectives;
  • ci as a pronoun of position;
  • Auxiliary verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have);
  • Regular verbs;
  • Irregular verbs;
  • Reflexive verbs;
  • Possessive adjectives;
  • Present tense;
  • Simple Future tense;
  • Simple Past tense (passato prossimo);
  • Direct pronouns;
  • Imperfect tense (imperfetto).

Elementary Level A

In the Elementary level A students who want to learn the Italian language will further study the basic grammar and communication skills with particular stress on the forms of courtesy as well as description and narration of past events, and the expressing of projects, intentions, wishes and proposals in a formal tone. The vocabulary will be relative to everyday communication (both familiar and professional).
  • The study of imperfect tense (imperfetto);
  • Indirect pronouns;
  • Combined pronouns;
  • Simple conditional tense (condizionale);
  • Combined conditional tense (condizionale composto);
  • Comparative adjectives;
  • Definite past tense (passato remoto);
  • Past perfect tense (trapassato);
  • Concordance of verb tenses in the indicative mood.

Elementary Level B

During the Elementary Level B course, basic communication structures and exercises for more complex linguistic situations will be studied, with particular stress on the formal tone, the use of the subjunctive mood for expressing opinions and hypotheses, on communicating orders and inclinations. Students will also be exposed to a first approach to journalistic language and linguistic elements for more complex and articulate conversation.
  • The study of the Present Subjunctive (congiuntivo presente);
  • Past Subjunctive (congiuntivo passato);
  • Imperfect Subjunctive (congiuntivo imperfetto);
  • Past perfect Subjunctive (congiuntivo trapassato);
  • Concordance of verb tenses in the subjunctive mood;
  • Concordance of verb tenses in the indicative mood (review);
  • Pronouns "ci" and "ne";
  • The Imperative form;
  • The Passive form;
  • The Impersonal Form;
  • Hypothetical Period;
  • Implicit Forms;
  • Indirect Discourse;

Intermediate Level A

The Intermediate Level A course presents further study and completion of the grammatical structures stressing the functions and uses of the different verb tenses and their concordance. Students will also practice analysis and comprehension of literary and journalistic texts with the use of multimedia sources.
  • Perfetto / imperfetto;
  • Passato remoto;
  • Trapassato remoto / trapassato prossimo;
  • Futuro / futuro anteriore;
  • Pronoun Forms;
  • Conditional tenses -present and past;
  • Concordance of verb tenses in the indicative mood;
  • Subjunctive mood - present and past.

Intermediate Level B

This level aims at perfecting the study of the grammatical structures related to: the concordance of verbs particularly in the subjunctive mood, the implicit forms, written and oral expression, the transformation of active forms into passive forms and the correct use of the impersonal forms. Conversation will revolve around confronting opinions and analyzing complex texts. Multimedia sources will support the lessons.
  • Congiuntivo presente / passato;
  • Subjunctive in the main clause;
  • Subjunctive in subordinate clauses;
  • Subjunctive in dependent clauses;
  • Congiuntivo imperfetto / trapassato;
  • Concordance of verb tenses in the subjunctive mood;
  • Exceptions to concordance in the subjunctive;
  • Concordance of verb tenses in the indicative mood (review);
  • Pronouns ci and ne;
  • The Imperative form (imperativo);
  • The Passive form (passivo);
  • The Impersonal Form (impersonale);
  • Hypothetical Period (periodo ipotetico);
  • Implicit Forms (forme implicite);
  • Indirect Discourse (discorso indiretto).

Advanced Level (with final diploma)

In the Advanced level, students will tackle the analysis, transformation and construction of complex linguistic structures at the levels of syntax, morphology and vocabulary. Advanced students will also work toward the elaboration and re-elaboration of texts in relation to methods, uses and different patterns.
  • Structure and syntax (Struttura e sintassi);
  • Subjective phrases (Proposizioni soggettive);
  • Objective phrases (Proposizioni oggettive);
  • Relative phrases(Proposizioni relative);
  • Causal phrases (Proposizioni causali);
  • Final phrases (Proposizioni finali);
  • Consecutive phrases (Proposizioni consecutive);
  • Conceding phrases (Proposizioni concessive);
  • Temporal phrases (Proposizioni temporali);
  • Comparative phrases (Proposizioni comparative);
  • Modal phrases (Proposizioni modali - privative e eccettuative);
  • Conditional phrases (Proposizioni condizionali);
  • Indirect discourse and interrogatives.

Specialization Course

This course is designed for those students who already have an excellent knowledge of the language and who wish to update or perfect their studies. During the course, advanced level and complex texts will be analyzed and elaborated, placing emphasis on the 4 levels of competence (listening and reading comprehension, ability to apprehend the language, speaking and writing abilities).

The course aims to provide students with a mastery of the language sufficient for comprehension and expression at any level and on any topic.

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Learn Italian Language in Tuscany

Learn Italian Language in Tuscany

Italian Course in Tuscany

Italian Course in Tuscany

Study Italian Language in Florence

Study Italian Language in Florence

Learn Italian in Tuscany

Learn Italian in Tuscany

Italian Language Course in Florence

Italian Language Course in Florence

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