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Piano - Elementary / Advanced

Piano Lessons in Florence, Italy

The Accademia Europea di Firenze offers the Piano courses for people of all levels of skill, from beginner to advanced. The school provides piano lessons with highly qualified teachers in a school that is filled with a friendly atmosphere that will make you feel at ease to perfect your skills with the piano.

Elementary Piano Course

  • Get to know the keyboard as well as the structure (white keys and black keys) and sonority (different registers);
  • Interpret non-conventional graphic signs using the keyboard;
  • Do exercises of piano to develop the coordination and the independence of both hands and fingers;
  • Recognize the first elements of music sheet music and know how to follow small parts taken from didactic repertoire;
  • Follow simple parts by four hands with the teacher to obtain a greater rhythmic and execution autonomy;
  • Interpret musical language through the system of notation (keys, pentagramma, heights, main figures);
  • Follow simple or average difficulty parts to develop the coordination and the independence of both hands;
  • Do brief exercises to improve the agility of fingers and to learn the technique of weight. (gesture-music relation);
  • Deepen a musical section caring for more expressive aspects: dynamics (strong, slow, cresc, dim), agogica (fast, slow, accelerated, ral.);
  • Support the student in the reading and in the learning of musical content and stimulate him to a greater autonomy in the study.

  • Hand positioning;
  • Diteggiatura;
  • Base Notation;
  • Reading of the two keys;
  • Rhythmic elements: music figures a learning of theory and practice;
  • Execution techniques;
  • Study methodology.

Advanced Piano Course
  • Enable students to read classic and modern sheet music (traditional signs and ontemporary grafia);
  • Face the pianistic technique through specific exercises presented to the student according to his needs and demands;
  • Deepen the methodology for a more constant study, aiming to overcome possible difficulties;
  • Stimulate students to achieve expressive personal choices in the interpretation of instrumental parts;
  • Know how to adequate the execution itself accompanying a song, a choreography or a recited text.

  • Technique;
  • Interpretation.

  • Major scales followed by four octaves for resisted, contrary motion, for third, sixth, double third and double sixth.
  • Specific exercises about: steadiness and speed, passage of thumb, sheet music, arpeggios, chords, third, sixth, double third, and double sixth.
  • Use of pedal as a technical-expressive element.
  • Study of the “weight technique” to achieve a higher sound quality with more tranquility.

  • Interpreting a music piece takes a deep knowledge of the object we will deal with. A good way for that comes from a basic study that must be in first place of observation and analysis, To deepen means to find out and look for all the particularities, understanding not only the formal and harmonic structure, but the meaning that hides in that type of writing.
  • Analyzing therefore the composition under many aspects.
  • Giving students many tips: the interpretative choice can only be done if offer them a range of possibilities, in this case the student will look for the execution closer to his way of expression.

The repertoire must be the vastest possible to be able to face the prelection of “historic interpretation” from the seven hundreds to our century. Each era has very precise characteristics in general and styles that are understandable only by making a leap into the past.

Although the Piano Course can be taken alone, other students usually have chosen to combine the Italian language Courses and the Piano Course and that's why we've created the Intensive Music Courses (Italian + Music).

For more information about this course please contact us.

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  • 1 lesson: 45 minutes;
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Piano Course in Florence

Piano Course in Florence

Learn to Play Piano in Italy

Learn to Play Piano in Italy

Piano Lessons in Florence

Piano Lessons in Florence

Piano Courses in Italy

Piano Courses in Italy

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Learn Piano in Tuscany

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