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Useful Information

Useful Information

1. Check list:

  • Valid passport or identity card;
  • Tickets and reservations;
  • Insurance documents;
  • Money, traveller's cheques and credit cards;
  • Personal medications or medical prescriptions;
  • E111 form (for citizens from EU countries);
  • Give your Italian address to parents etc.;
  • Inform the school about arrival time;
  • Transfer booked (if requested).

2. Climate
Summer in Italy, from the Alps to Sicily, is quite warm. Winter in Northern and Central Italy can be quite cool; in the south, however, is relatively mild. The best weather in the cities is in spring and autumn.

Average summer temperatures range from 18°C to 30°C (64°F to 86°F)
Average winter temperatures are around 4°C to 16°C (39°F to 61°F).

3. Credit Cards / Euro-Cheques / Traveller's Cheques
Euro-Cheques, Traveller's Cheques and Credit Cards are accepted almost everywhere. You can receive money at Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), if you have an ATM card linked to an international network (Eurocard, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro). Mastercard and Visa (with PIN number) may be used to withdraw cash from an ATM machine. Cash from ATM's is received only in Euro / daily amount is limited.

4. Credits for American Universities
We can send transcripts to American Universities, where our courses are accepted as valid language, art and music credits.

5. Electricity
Italy uses a 220 Volts/AC system. Additionally, wall sockets and plugs may be different from those in your home country. Get information about the possible need for an adapter before your departure.

6. Exchanging money
When exchanging large amounts of money it is usually better to do it in Italy. You should also bring cash for the first few days.

For a long stay, it may be useful to open a bank account. Our staff will assist you to open a bank account in Florence after your arrival.

7. Fax
Faxes can be sent from the post office, from many stationary shops (cartoleria), from Internet-points and from copy centres.

8. Internet access and sending & receiving e-mails
At Accademia Europea di Firenze the students are free to share the student computers to navigate in internet, write and receive email, and they may also utilize the Office applications installed.

9. Scholarships
Accademia Europea di Firenze awards scholarships for a 100% coverage and for 50% coverage of the cost of standard Italian Language course (4 weeks/80 lessons), not including accommodation. You may apply for these scholarships at over 100 institutions including: Italian Cultural Institutes, Universities, Embassies and Consulates.

Contact the nearest Italian Consulate or Italian Cultural Institute for further information.

10. Insurance
Residents of the EU countries should obtain an E111 form from their local National Health Service in order to be eligible for free medical care in Italy. Students from other countries are advised to obtain private health insurance and to contact the Italian embassy in their country.

Theft coverage: is often included in personal insurance; if not, we recommend that you purchase coverage for your stay in Italy.

11. Euro (€)
The Italian currency is the "Euro" (plural: Euro, abbreviated: EUR, symbol: €). The Euro is the official currency for Italy and many other European countries.

12. Health, Medical Doctors and Pharmacies
The first-aid service in the Emergency Room of the hospital is free for anyone who is in need. In case of need of consultation or medical care, Accademia Europea di Firenze can provide a doctor. In every city you will find 24-hour pharmacies. Don't forget to bring, if necessary, your own medical prescriptions.

13. National Holidays
Our school is closed on national, religious and local public holidays. Lessons missed because of national holidays are not refunded.

14. Pocket money
This is not the same for every person but € 150 per week, in addition to the costs for food and accommodation, should be enough.

15. Telephone
International telephone calls can be made from all public telephones.
To call the US, you must dial 001 + area code + number.
The country code for Italy is "39", to call Italy from the US you must dial 011+39+area (city) code + number. The city code for Florence is 055.
You may find that it is very convenient and to buy or rent a cellular phone during your stay in Florence.

The school can assist you with this procedure.

16. Travelling by train
There are several night-and-day Eurocity-connections with Italy. Young people under 26 years may receive special discounts. Reservations for a sleeping car or couchettes should be made as early as possible.

17. Travelling by car
In the old city centers using and parking a car is normally not allowed. In all other districts parking is free of charge except for specially marked short/long term parking zones.

18. Travelling by air
Our school can be easily reached from the airport of Florence.

19. Study Visa
Citizens from the European Union can enter Italy with an Identification card or Passport. Citizens from other countries should check with the Italian Embassy or Consulaty in their country for the appropriate visa.

If you need a visa to extend your stay for more than 90 days you should apply for a 'Type D' (student) visa. Accademia Europea di Firenze will provide you, after enrollment and payment of the account, with a certificate of enrollment for your visa application.

20. World Ttime Zones
Italy uses Central-European-Time (CET), i.e.: Rome = 0 / New York = -6 / Tokyo = +8.

During the summer months (mid March to mid October) the clocks are turned ahead one hour to Central-European-Summer-Time (CEST = CET + 1h), i.e.: Rome = 0 / New York = -5 / Tokyo = +7.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Please feel free to call us, send us a fax or an email with your questions:

Tel +39 055 21 15 99
Fax +39 055 239 99 94

For more information please contact us.

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